Thursday, 24 July 2014


Meal times are great times as we all know but in my eyes breakfast is the winner of the bunch. Nothing beats having a long luscious sleep and waking up to indulge into your favourite breakfast; whether that be cereal, toast or the traditional fry up (usually for hangovers). Not being a toast type of gal, my usual choice is oats or cereal (pretty boring but still yummy), this morning as I opened the cupboard to grab some brankflakes I noticed a different cereal box by it's side..... Curiously Cinnamon. If Golden Graham's weren't a part of your childhood life then this won't mean much to you (plus, you haven't lived). It's safe to say that my morning was vastly improved as I indulged into one of my childhood favourites not forgetting golden nuggets of course. And whilst I was consuming way too much sugar for my morning meal, Monk was eating this:
Admittedly, she is better at the whole health thing than me. It seems the treat cupboard has some kind if hold on me.... anyone else? This is oats mixed with almond milk topped with bananas, blueberries and flaxseed - which is also delicious and great fuel for the morning! So guys, what is your favourite breakfast??