Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Week One

Alcohol and pizza *dominoes pic to make you drool* have been the main constituents of week one at uni. And to be honest, I've loved every moment of it. I've been out resourcing my final bits and pieces for the uni room, including a bath mat, thermal cup, candles (obviously) and storage boxes I have way too many clothes! 

     Bath Mat - Primark
Thermal Cup - Primark

Do you like my pink scrubbers?! I couldn't resist!

Freshers ball was on Friday where the MIC boys Jamie Lang and Alex Mitton did a guest appearance!! 

#SELFIE  (Rubbish pic still cool)


My course began officially on Tuesday so it's down to the dirty work from now on (with the occasional night out). Occasional being the operative word. Or not HA. I'm a student after all, juggling studies and Smirnoffs should be easy.

Student discount has hit the town centre so I'm off out to get some bargains!!

Until next time