Sunday, 2 November 2014


I was lucky enough to experience Centerparcs and I can offically say I have caught the 'Centerparcs bug' and I can totally see what the hype is about! It is truly amazing and the most fun I have had in a LONG time! I know I'm pretty late with the whole Centerparcs vibe but I'm sure loads of you can relate if you have been! 

Through school I was never a sports fan and anything fitness related really did turn my stomach so I could never imagine Centerparcs being my thing and whenever I heard good things about Centerparcs I let it go over my head however I have somehow changed and the idea of cycling around all week amongst other sports related activities literally excites the hell out of me! (Mainly the thought of being able to eat copious amounts of food and not feel massively guilty! Although, I'm pretty sure I ate over 10x my body weight). Hey ho, it's Monday tomorrow. New day and all that.

When we arrived we went straight to the Cycle Centre and picked up our rides for the week. 

HAHA. Yes, we did get a tandem! (After a day of having normal bikes, I realised bike riding seriously isn't my forte and I could only picture myself with two broken legs and no front teeth). So after a little bit of persuasion Oli agreed that we could get a tandem. Who knew going up hills would be so easy?! ;)

Segwaying was defintely one of my highlights of the week! Imagine riding to work on one of these?!

Closely followed by our spa day and afternoon tea! 

This was my first ever Spa day at Aqua Sana and it most definitely did not disappoint! The Turkish Saunas and the beautiful scenery around the swimming pools were breath-taking! 

Our Afternoon Tea was incredible and it included warm scones (mmm, making me seriously hungry!), a selection of sandwiches, a macaron, lemon drizzle cake and a tiramisu! Accompanied by a peppermint tea! 

Not forgetting our full body massages (I'd like one every day, please!) and shellac treatments. I felt like a princess! 

The Pancake House! 
Pretty sure this picture speaks for itself... Amazing. 
This was actually Oli's pancake (jealous). Mine didn't look quite as good! 

Not forgetting the most amazing salad and dessert at Café Rouge! 

Paysanne Salad followed by Chocolate and banana torté with salted caramel ice cream. (It tasted even better than it looks)

I'm sorry if this post bored you slightly but I just thought I'd share with you all what I've been up to this past week and to let you all know how amazing Centerparcs really is! I hope you all had a fab half term and a happy halloween! Now back to reality!