Wednesday, 5 November 2014


As I was googling our page this afternoon I came across a video that I hope will brighten up your gloomy Wednesday! 

I wasn't really sure whether to laugh or cry but you can decide for yourselves....

I'm back on the IOW this week and I am absolutely loving catching up with my friends and fammo! It seems all I've been doing is indulging on yummy foods... no change there. Yesterday I caught up with Flo for lunch! It was BOGOF on main meals at Table Table, Newport so we took advantage! I went for the chicken and leek pie whilst Flo stuck to the classic burger. Equally delish.
As we got an utter bargain, it would've been silly to not dive in a dessert so we crumbled at the temptation of a rocky road sundae!
Yup, it tasted as good as it looks.

Today, Crystal and I tried the new christmas themed toffee nut latte today at Starbucks, if you haven't tried already - please do, not to mention their rocky road slice mmmmm heaven in a bite.

Oooo and I've had my braces off. YIPPEEE

It's safe to say I'm in a total food coma and I'm sure you're all drooling at your desks!
Home sweet home