Sunday, 8 March 2015


Good Afternoon! It's been a very busy week with many coursework deadlines coming up next week, though I did manage to bag myself a new job hooray! Today's post will entail how I scrub up, literally - from what I wash my hair with to what put on my feet. Hope you enjoy a bit of a different post! 

What I eat: I thought I'd pop in a little snap of my breakfast this morning, ready for a full day of hard work... Or procrastinating, who knows?! This is a little concoction of trail mix, granola and chia seeds with some natural yoghurt. YUM. How pretty is my bowl though, who needs a boyfriend when you have heart bowls... 

What I wash my hair with: I wanted to try something different in my hair as recently I've noticed my scalp becoming dry and nobody wants to suffer with the dreaded dandruff so I looked at some reviews and saw this Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo from The Body Shop was meant to be a great deterrent and it's done me well! My scalp feels as fresh as ever and it gives your hair a great scrub as it lathers up really well. The Banana Conditioner just kinda caught my eye as I thought it looked really cool and this works really well with the Shampoo. Thumbs up. This Philip Kingsley Elasticizer was recommended to me by a few people so I thought I'd give it a go, it is a pre-shampoo so you can use all three of these products together to make your hair look absolutely beautiful, it adds plenty of bounce and shine leaving your hair looking healthy as ever.

What I brush my hair with: Tangle Teezers are life! Like how I even managed without one of these is beyond me, I opted for this gorgeous lime green and pink one from Asos about a year ago and it has been my saviour ever since. I've also got my eye on the new Lulu Guinness one, a designer hairbrush... YES please!

What I wash with: Currently I am using Original Source's Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Gel which is an absolute heaven send, it smells b-e-a-u-tiful. However I figured a nearly empty bottle didn't really do it justice so I haven't included a picture, I've linked it so you can check it out! I also looove Lush's Snow Fairy range and this shower gel smells gorgeous, plus it's soooo pretty. Unfortunately though, this is a festive special so you're gonna have to stock up next Christmas ladies. ;) The Body Shop box set was a Christmas Gift which I still haven't had the pleasure of using, but strawberry is my favourite flavour of scents in there and I know I'm gonna totally love it! You can still buy all these products separately here.

What I use on my face: Tea tree is perfect for me when my face is starting to become a bit oily and blemished. Firstly I use the scrub with this little facial brush from Body Shop to clear my skin and then I gently wipe over a cotton pad with some of this toner - leaves your skin feeling fresh and fabulous! If I'm not using the exfoliator before hand I use this lovely Creme de le mar cleansing lotion which is great at removing every last bit of makeup and its soothing formula leaves the skin feeling soft and cleansed. 

What I wear on my feet: I had to include these super cute socks which I received as a gift from Monk,  I pop these on whenever my tootsies are feeling a bit chilly and need warming up, you can get them in Claire's Accessories! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Going to try and start posting every Sunday, have a great week and pop in the comments box any products that you love using, I'd love too see how you guys scrub up!

Thank you for reading! xxxxxx