Sunday, 17 August 2014


Diet. The term I never quite conquered.... So here I am again. Sunday evening, feeling very guilty and overly large. Oink, when my pals call me babe I'm not quite sure if they mean in the 'Hun' type way or as in Babe, the pig. The latter wouldn't surprise me. So tonight my food haul (sounds better than binge) consisted of French fancies Mr Kipling of course, Munchies cookies, a caramel dairy milk bar standard and 3 for a £1 sweets mmmm. So delicious but totally regretting it now. Currently googling how to lose 10 million stone and how to look like Candice Swanepoel
It's never gonna happen. So tomorrow's Monday which means a fresh start, right? I am a work in progress as of 18/08/14 (I'm not saying tomorrow as 'tomorrow never comes') The fact I have announced this publicly means there's no turning back. Wish me luck as I wave goodbye fat and hello bikini bod. 

I can do this! Let the body, see the sweat. 

If you have any tips please hit me up. Need all the encouragement I can get! 

frog xoxox