Thursday, 21 August 2014


... Aaah! The thought of doing The Great South Run a few years ago would have literally made me run a mile! (In the opposite direction, to which I then would have collapsed on the floor). 
During school I was pretty well known as a serial 'P.E not do-er'... Writing myself notes for a 'bad foot' or whatever other mystery injury I could think up. Funnily enough doing so made me pretty damn good at forging my mums signature. Also plays a part as to me being a bit of human pork pie. 

Thankfully our habits changed and we're on too something good...

So, on October 26th 2014 Frog, myself and our third leg of the tripod, Ella will be running 10 miles for our chosen charities. It took a bit of thinking on my part but as we've spoke about it before... life is way too short so I thought why the hell not. The charity that is linked to The Great South Run this year is for Diabetes, as much as I am aware that this is a very horrible illness we have chosen to raise money for separate charities that are close to all of our hearts.

 I have chosen to raise money for the British Liver Trust in memory of Jadey. 
I feel very strongly about the importance of raising awareness for this and to get the knowledge of the different types of liver diseases and illnesses out there. I speak on behalf of myself and I know how ignorant I was to it all. It's ok, it's never going to happen to me, or anyone I care about. Things like that only happen on the TV, right?
Unfortunately not.
Knowledge 1 - Ignorance 0
Liver related illnesses are the fifth biggest killer in England alone and it is the only illness that manages to kill more and more people each year. 

Salma has chosen to raise money for Mind - The Mental Health Charity to raise awareness on the importance of mental health.
I also feel very strongly about the importance of this charity. It is one of biggest killers out there yet once again. IGNORANCE springs to mind. 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental illness and it can happen to any single one of us at any single moment. A little help from one another and the willingness to listen is sometimes all it takes. 

Please head over to our JustGiving pages. No matter how small, any donation is so greatly appreciated.

Anyway it's time to pack away the caramel digestives (noooo), get used to living in our running shoes and ensure we have an endless supply of water!

We really are so so grateful for any donation, or even anyone to acknowledge what we are trying to accomplish.