Tuesday, 12 August 2014


... Is a question I have been asking myself over and over again. Yes I know questioning our existence is the first sign of going crazy but hey, crazy I am. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that has all sorts of questions flying in and out of my head on an hourly basis.

I look and all I see around me is people suffering, people crying and people clock watching - waiting for their working day to come to an end. Although there is an abundance of good in our lives it seems very rare to be able to find balance, happiness and peace. So really, what is the point? We live to work and work to live. We give up our dreams in order to make a living. Of course making money to sustain our needs is inevitable but we forget how special life really is.

I anxiously sat on the train whilst on my way to visit my Sister in hospital and I found myself looking at those around me. Those napping, those talking on the phone and those reading. Each one looking quite content but in reality we all know each and everyone is most probably dealing with their own description of hell, yet having to power on through day to day life. Despite us being fully aware of this people still aren't nice too each other. Why not? Every one is so ignorant to other peoples lives and we're all in our own bubble. Forgetting about the things that really matter. Being nice really doesn't cost a thing, it pays.  

I looked at myself in the reflection and reflected on my own life and I realised we all cling on to hopeHope that tomorrow will be a better day. Happiness is just another day away, right? We race and chase in hope for more money, more success and most importantly more happiness. Yet really the thing that is most important to every single one of us is health. 

We pace through life as if we're invincible, as if we're to be around forever. We treat time as a cheap commodity and take one another for granted. We compete with one another, we compete for beauty, money, ownership and sadly we compete for each others happiness. We cling on to other peoples opinions which result in our way of living being rapidly changed by one's perception. We get stuck in jobs we hate, as if life is one disgusting habit. In our never ending race to survive, we become oblivious to the important things and become glued to routine. A routine that only very few people want to be apart of. 

Moral of the story...

Live in the moment. Life really is a gift to us, yet so cruel and it can be snatched away at any given time. The preciousness of our time with the ones we adore most is what is mostly taken for granted. 
As most of you are probably aware I lost my sister very recently - something that I can't even begin to put in to words. The sad thing is that it takes something so tragic to happen to make me realise that life really is so precious and completely unexplainable. I'm using this opportunity to take this emotionally draining journey to inspire me and to learn what really is important. 

It's time to restructure our lives (at least for me and my family). To restructure how we live, how we prioritise things, how we can contribute and most importantly how we can learn to live more fully in the moments we are blessed with. 

Surround yourself with amazing friends and family that you could never imagine yourselves without <3

Meaning of life - insert your own

Please, please, please all get yourselves on the Organ Donor Register if you haven't already.

We couldn't save my sister but hopefully one day we can save someone else's <3

Forever in our hearts, mine especially xxxx

<3 Xxxx

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