Wednesday, 24 September 2014


 OH EM GEE. I am officially a fresher. I can't quite believe the time has finally arrived where I am a ferry and a long drive away from home staying in a single bed with a bunch of people I don't know. I'm not really selling it here am I. Jokes aside; I am totally loving it.

I'll begin with the journey to university.... Interesting to say the least. After a good 2 hours of shuffling and reshuffling all of my stuff in Ella's car, it just about fit in (leaving little to nil leg room for myself and poor Monk) however we got it all in so we  got over the first hurdle thankfully. We head off on Saturday morning (the day after the night before; one too many) where it appeared I had broken my foot. It turns out wine and heels do not mix. Hobbling my way to a FOUR HOUR wait at the hospital was certainly not how I expected to spend my first day at university, especially to find out my foot was in fact not broken and just severely bruised (sorry Crik and Els for the prolific time wasting). Never the less I was relieved it was nothing serious!! 

As we all know, food is my favourite thing in life. Saddo. So my first food shop I was SOOO looking forward too! It turns out shopping on a broken.... Bruised foot isn't the easiest of tasks therefore I was wheeled around a bit like this #insertembarrasingphoto

We did have a lot of fun whizzing around Kingston's local asda, despite the funny looks....

 LOL the lady on the left clearly wanted in on the selfie!! 

My food shop was succesful/ish... Mainly consisting of beans, more beans and alcohol! The joys of student life. 

Moving in would've been impossible without Ella and Crystal as I couldn't actually lift my own body weight on my foot, let alone a million boxes! They also helped me sort my entire room and gave me a huge surprise when I arrived......

The most amazing hamper full of everything I could possibly need for uni; from Shampoo/Conditioner to strawberry bonbons, cookbooks, ornaments, photo frames, PIG shape whisks... You name it - I've got it!! The theme of the hamper was pink as you can see... Which is my absolute favourite colour!!! I am SO so greatful for all my gorgeous gifts from the hamper and also my other leaving presents! THANKYOU FRIENDS ❤️ Missing you already *weeps* :-(

This is the end result of my room....

I haven't actually figured where my laptop/ study books are going to go yet... Don't judge 🙈. I love my little room so much now it is filled with all my pretty newbies and sacred items!

I will be posting another post regarding my first week living as a student to let ya'll know what I've been up too! 

Hope you enjoyed.... FROG ❤️xxx