Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Living in England, feeling beautifully bronzed is a true rarity! With unpredictable weather and little chance to hit the sun when it does kindly appear due to work commitments etc. So when we are looking to get a bit of an extra glow and make ourselves feel like we've been on a 5* holiday to Bora Bora what better way than to hit the bottle. Of fake tan that is.

Finding the perfect sun in a bottle can be a difficult task, no one wants to come out looking like a piece of streaky bacon or better still an oopma lumpa. Admittedly I've experienced both looks and it's safe to say I did not feel bronzed and certainly not beautiful. 

I went on a bit of a fake tan haul in hope to find the perfect one, from high end to high street, instant to develop, I have tried and tested the lot and here is what a thought! 

(From left to right: St Moriz Instant Self Tan Mousse, St Tropez Luxe a Dry Oil, Piz Buin Mist Spray, St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist, Expose Tanning Mouse)

St Moriz is my go too for a good coverage, bargain fake tan. I've used this for ages as I know it works for me so I was totally chuffed when I saw it on boots shelf for just £5. Previously I've had to order online as high street stores never stocked the product. Both the ones I use are instant, personally I prefer the mouse to the spray as sometimes you can still see where the spray has dotted onto your pins (not a great look).

The Piz Buin spray is a developing tan so is better if you want to look tanned for more than just the one day/night. It's a nice even coverage and gives you a good glow without being too orange.

As for the St Tropez oil - I saw this in M&S when there was 20% off on beauty so I had to try it out. This is a new product and I had read some good reviews so I thought I'd give it a go. It's got a lovely lemony scent unlike most fake tans smell; and the final effect is lovely. It is a bit strange using an oil however it isn't greasy and dries within minutes. Definitely reccomend!

For the last, and possibly least fave of the fake tans is Expose. What did I expect for £1 (poundland special) it is a developing tan and left me looking like I belonged in willy wonkas chocolate factory. Not such a good look, maybe if I'd used a lighter layer it wouldn't have been so bad or possible if your skin tone is darker. Certainly not for ghostly looking humans that's for sure.

Hope you enjoyed this post- sorry it's been so long! Trying and testing a million fake tans takes longer than expected! Also it's been a hectic couple of weeks with Bestival and packing for uni but we will be back in action in no time!